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WACBERGMICROKRIT ( High Strength Micro Concrete For Repair )
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Colour / Type  :
Grey Powder with micro fine aggregate and additive for Repair of cavity/pitting of concrete/ mortar surface of joints. it is an extra high strength and precision structural repair material.
Fresh Weight Density : 2200Kg/M3
Volume Change : Nil
Typical bond strength, Kg/cm2 at 270C : 400 Kg/cm2 at 0.16 W/P within 24 hours
Typical bond strength Kg/cm2 at 28 days : 7Kg/cm2
Typical Flexural Strength Kg/cm2 : 60
Packing : In 25 Kg Polypack
Storage : Keep it in a dry place.
Shelf Life : 12 months if Kept unopened.
Health & Safety : Alkaline Powder. Handling should be done accordingly . Non-toxic, non-flammable.

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